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Mobile through Europe

with an international scholarship


The EU programme Erasmus+ provides financial support to university students, graduates, vocational students and young employees during their international internship.

By funding international internships, the EU programme Erasmus+ enables young people to improve their skills as well as their employability and expand their general and professional education. This programme lasts seven years and has a budget of 14.7 billion euros. In comparison to the current level of EU expenditure, this is an increase of 40 % – proof that the EU is very willing to invest in this area.

Erasmus+ provides new opportunities to more than four million Europeans: for their studies and traineeship, for gaining work experience or for voluntary work abroad.   

Vocational students

Funded international internships for vocational students.

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Funded international internships for trainees.

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Young employees

Funded international internships for young employees.

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