Group winners instead of lone fighters.

Some successful ventures can only be achieved with the right team. The five clusters at Standortagentur Tirol provide networks with companies, research institutes, education providers and interest groups in the areas of economic and technological strength such as Life Sciences, Renewable Energies, Mechatronics, IT and Wellness to give you a competitive advantage.

Use the synergies of the private and public cluster partners who come together at these information and cooperation platforms to boost your competitiveness and added value as well as that of the business location of Tyrol thanks to the increased innovative strength.

The members bring their unique skills, strengths and resources to the clusters and benefit from those of the others. The clusters provide the ideal conditions to connect all of this potential, multiply the effects and make them useful and, therefore, to develop innovative ideas, products, services and processes better in an independent cooperative framework than by themselves.

A detailed overview of the five Standortagentur Tirol clusters can be found here.

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