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Erasmus+ mobility programme - Tyroleans take to the roads

Funded international internships for young employees

Young employees

The European ERASMUS+ programme gives scholarships to young employees in Tyrol with a completed apprenticeship for international internships in the EU.

The Chamber of Labour for Tyrol, Standortagentur Tirol and the Regional Government of Tyrol also provide young employees in Tyrol with access to Erasmus+ and the "Tyroleans take to the road" mobility programme.

Advantages for Tyrolean employees

  • Acquire new practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Strengthen social and personal competences
  • Gain work experience in another European country
  • Improve opportunities on the labour market significantly

Advantages for companies

  • Improve competitiveness with new skills
  • Employees with international experience are better qualified and can be employed more flexibly
  • Contact to international companies

Funding is available for

  • Employees who have completed a traineeship and live in Tyrol (the internship should be completed within one year of the last apprenticeship examination)

Funding for an international internship can only be received once. Employees younger than 18 need their parents' declaration of consent to use the mobility programme.

Host institutions

  • Companies and institutions in the public or private sector

Internships at institutions, which run EU community programmes or receive EU funding (e.g. European administrative offices such as ministries, European Parliament, European Commission) as well as representative bodies of social partners and international representatives of the participant's country of origin (cultural institutes, embassies, consulates, chambers of foreign trade, ...) are not funded.

The internship has to have a professional connection to the actual traineeship.

Internships are funded in the following countries

  • EU member states, incl. overseas departments
  • EEA countries (Liechtenstein, Norway and Island)
  • Turkey, Croatia

An internship in the country of nationality cannot be funded.

Possible internship duration
Four weeks to six months

Only a continuous stay can be funded.

Financial support

  • Mobility grant: in addition to possible internship remuneration, the internship is financed by a scholarship depending on the destination country and duration. The scholarship is composed of a living and a travel allowance.
  • Language courses: the European Union offers a free online language course for internships in a country where English, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch is spoken. Standortagentur Tirol will inform the relevant trainees of this service before they start their internship.


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