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Enterprise Europe Network EEN

The Enterprise Europe Network EEN helps businesses and R&D institutes find and use innovative technologies and R&D results in Europe.

Standortagentur Tirol, as a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), provides all businesses and research institutes in Tyrol and Vorarlberg with support in finding European technology partners. Furthermore, we can give you advice on EU funding programmes relevant to your needs and develop new innovation strategies with you for your company.

The Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest technology marketplace for small and medium-sized enterprises and the European one-stop shop to make your company more international. With just under 600 partner organisations in more than 50 countries, this network for companies and R&D institutes provides a wide range of services, ranging from preliminary advice to EU funding programmes, from international technology partnerships to innovation management.

The local Enterprise Europe Network contact points support innovative and international companies with events and personal consultations and open the door to the European research and technology markets.

Our free services at a glance

We offer support in finding international cooperation partners for

  • production and manufacturing agreements
  • licence and marketing agreements
  • joint ventures
  • joint research and development projects

as well as

  • offering your innovation (technologies, R&D results) on the European market
  • finding innovative technologies, research results and business ideas in Europe
  • finding project partners to carry out joint research and development projects
  • identifying and using the EU funding programme that is right for you
  • strengthening innovation management in your company

One key part of the Enterprise Europe Network is the EEN technology database, which provides a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and developments in research and industry from 54 countries worldwide. You can also offer your own technologies and processes for different purposes in the EEN technology database or even find them for yourself to solve technological issues in your own company. Access to the technology database is free, the EEN experts at Standortagentur Tirol are on hand to help you use it. They can help you

  • create your profile in the EEN database
  • formulate expedient technology searches
  • match queries with existing profiles
  • assess the quality and value of the responses to your queries
  • make the best of cooperation forums and cooperation discussions

Make an appointment with us – at Standortagentur Tirol or at your own company. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Enterprise Europe Network contact point at Standortagentur Tirol GmbH is supported by

2.5 million euros exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them take innovative developments to the market.

This SME instrument supports small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with a single grant to bring innovative developments to market. Up to 2.5 million euros are available per project.

This SME instrument is aimed at highly innovative, fast-growing companies who want to launch their products or services, supporting them with their innovation projects and globalisation. It is available to all SMEs, regardless of whether high-tech and research intensive or from the social and services sector, who are committed to themes stated in Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies as well as Societal Challenges.

The SME instrument is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Concept & Feasibility Assessment
The technical feasibility and market potential of an excellent innovative idea are evaluated. It has to be a considerably new innovation (product, process, service, technology or a new market application of an existing technology).

Time-to-contract: 3 months
Project duration: max. 6 months
Output: From the idea to the concept

Phase 2: Innovation Activities
Activities close to the market such as development, demonstration, tests, prototype construction, pilot testing, design, market replication, scaling-up and downscaling receive funding.

Time-to-contract: 3 months
Duration: 12 to 24 months
Output: From the concept to market maturity

Phase 3: Commercialisation
Support is given to launch the innovative solution successfully. No financial funding by the EU but easier access to private investors and first consumers, training, networking services, use of regional, national and EU financing instruments.

Output: Market entry


  • Funding rate for innovation activities: 70% for direct costs, 25% flat-rate for indirect costs (subject to exceptions)
  • Phase 1: Flat rate of max. 50,000 euros (for a project size of 71,500 euros)
  • Phase 2: 0.5 to 2.5 million euros (subject to exceptions)
  • Phase 3: No financial EU funding but other support
  • In phases 1 and 2, SMEs also receive business coaching and the Enterprise Europe Network helps them with their innovation projects. In this way, they can increase the capacity to innovate, strengthen management skills and simplify access to additional financing, services and cooperation partners.

Companies submit their proposals via the Participant Portal of the European Commission

The EEN team at Standortagentur Tirol is there to help and advise you!

Innovation at its best

The better innovation activities are organised and integrated into the business strategy, the higher the benefits and revenue are. Standortagentur Tirol supports you in analysing your innovation management with IMP3rove, a system recognised throughout Europe, and in using your resources as efficiently as possible. This service is aimed at SMEs in Tyrol that already implement innovative activities and whose new products, processes or services have the potential to grow internationally

The procedure:

  1. Online IMP3rove Assessment: Comprehensive analysis of the status quo of a company's innovation management in qualitative terms.
  2. Benchmarking Report: Detailed analysis of a company's innovation management.
  3. Consulting Workshop: Discussion of improvement measures and strategies.
  4. The results: A comprehensive report on the company's strengths and areas of improvement and appropriate measures for improvement as well as strategies to implement them.
  5. The aim: Improve innovation processes sustainably and secure long-term business success.

The innovation consulting is financed by the European Union and available to you free of charge.

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EEN - Enterprise Europe Network

Mag. Mario Weikenkas

Mag. Mario Weikenkas
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Enterprise Europe Network

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Mag. (FH) Christina Lercher
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Mag. Viktoria Fink
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Mag. Christian Weissbacher
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