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Pharma and biotechnology in Tyrol

The Tyrolean-based pharmaceutical companies, the region’s university and clinical research teams and the resultant biotechnology-oriented spin-offs all enjoy a particularly successful track record.

For that reason, red (i.e. medical) biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and production have become core areas within the Standortagentur Tirol’s Cluster Life Sciences.

The organisation aims to boost research and development in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, enhance the Tyrolean research sector as a whole and strengthen other sectors complementing the strong medical technology sector. This is achieved through the targeted locating of new companies and business start-ups, optimum support for resident companies (small and medium-sized enterprises in particular), the overall expansion of the critical mass of companies in Tyrol, infrastructure development and intensive networking between research establishments, hospitals and industry.

DDr. Petra Stöckl

DDr. Petra Stöckl
cluster manager life sciences

m +43 676 843 101 248
t +43 512 576262 248


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Dr. Marcus Hofer

Dr. Marcus Hofer
manager funding programmes

t +43 512 576262

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