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Key areas

By focusing on key thematic areas, the clusters aim to overcome future economic, ecological and social challenges, thereby strengthening local businesses as well as Tyrol as an attractive business location with a high quality of living.

Tyrol stands out in the global competition between markets and regions: not only is Tyrol one of the strongest tourist destinations in the world with the corresponding technological and economical competence. Tyrol has also become a pulsating technology and health region.

The connection between the business and scientific areas of strength in Tyrol in the skills triangle of technology, health and tourism holds great potential: for local businesses and research institutes as well as for Tyrol as an attractive business location with a high quality of living.

"Key Enabling Technologies" play an ever increasing role throughout the world, in Tyrol's business and science environment, too: material technologies, risk and disaster management, nano technologies, micro and nano electronics, photonics, materials, biotechnology and new forms of production are important drivers of future innovations where Tyrolean business and science have developed far-reaching skills.

Thanks to the business and scientific areas of strength in Tyrol in the skills triangle of technology, health and tourism and their skills in key enabling technologies, Tyrol has realised that future "grand challenges" (such as global climate change, scarcity of energy and natural resources, demographic changes, health, social stability, food, mobility) should not be regarded as threats but instead as economic high-growth areas where local businesses and research institutes can achieve long-term success with innovative technologies, products and services.

In order to make these high-growth markets useful for companies and research institutes in Tyrol, Standortagentur Tirol's clusters not only support their members with their cluster services, but they also set key thematic areas.

Key areas
Smart City & Energy

Cross-industry solutions for buildings, mobility, infrastructures, energy supply, distribution and storage in urban environments, planning tools and business models.

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Smart Building

Initiation and support of the development of innovative components and holistic system solutions and planning tools for buildings.

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Pharma & biotechnology in Tyrol

Boosting biotechnology and pharmaceutical R&D, the Tyrolean research landscape and the medical technology sector.

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Medical technology initiative

Cross-industry cooperation especially in IT, mechatronics and materials science to boost medical technology in Tyrol.

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Medical and health tourism applications

Create new products, services and business models as well as new forms of added value and innovations by linking technology, health and tourism.

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Open Data und Geodata

New business and cooperation models from using open data and geodata.

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Interconnected systems & Industry 4.0

Boosting Tyrolean businesses in markets such as manufacturing, energyand transportation by connecting digital systems and Industry 4.0.

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Material technology

Workshops, information and specialist events on 3D printing, lightweight construction and surface coating as well as analysis to identify products that are extremely profitable.

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Alpine health tourism

New services, which combine tourism potential with medicine and health science and so create more unique selling points for tourism in Tyrol and complementary industries.

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Secondary healthcare market

Supporting Tyrolean companies in the secondary healthcare market with business strategies, research and development, cooperative business models, deploying modern technologies and the setting up new value chains.

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Spa facilities

Improving spa facilities to save operating costs and to make them more accessible for people with physical restrictions.

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