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Contact and relationship management

Meet new customers and partners and build networks.

Relationship management

Build and maintain relationships.

Relationship management is more than just seeing and being seen. Use Standortagentur Tirol's networks made up of business and science, their investor network, the coordinated cooperation with universities and companies and strategic direct contacting to come into contact with people and institutes who could be important for you. Turn "acquaintances" into long-term partnerships with Standortagentur Tirol's support.

You and your company as well as your sector benefit from the national and international location marketing carried out regularly by Standortagentur Tirol by gaining additional visibility.

Direct networking

You are looking for the right cooperation partners and easy ways to make contact with them? Use Standortagentur Tirol as your relationship manager, with our comprehensive overview of the companies and research landscape and partners willing to cooperate, in Tyrol as well as at a national and EU level.

  • Finding ideas through personal interaction
  • Establishing contact with companies and science institutes within and beyond Standortagentur Tirol's clusters

National field trips and technical visits.

You want to broaden your horizons and find new applied technologies, new impressions, ideas and the right field trip destinations? Use Standortagentur Tirol to open doors for you, which otherwise might remain closed, and gain new insights and impressions.

  • Regional, national and international networking
  • Field trips to leading companies and users of innovative technologies
  • Market testing trips in cooperation with foreign trade centres
  • Access to country-specific market analyses and industry trends
  • First-hand insight into companies
  • Contact to international partners in business and science
  • Discover success stories and best practices

Partner events, industry conferences, workshops

Your own network can do with expanding, within your own industry or an industry important for your plans? You are looking for like-minded people with similar business challenges? You would like a trustworthy environment as well as companies and researchers with whom you can regularly exchange information and ultimately also cooperate? Standortagentur Tirol as a platform for your communication and cooperation needs can help you establish important contacts and offers the following:

  • Information on the latest industry topics and trends
  • Personal meetings and professional discussions with players in business and science
  • Brainstorming sessions to discuss concrete project ideas

You would like to present your company at an international level and strengthen your network in the B2B as well as B2C sectors, but you do not have enough resources to do so? Use Standortagentur Tirol or the business location of Tyrol to participate together with them at investor seminars, location presentations, technology events, trade fairs and conferences.

  • Advance information on relevant trade fairs
  • Joint appearance at international trade fairs with companies in similar sectors

Highly skilled employees in Tyrol

You would like to provide continuous training and development for your employees? Use Standortagentur Tirol to develop industry-relevant qualification programmes together.

  • Analysis of the qualifications needed in an industry
  • Develop appropriate training courses in cooperation with educational establishments (e.g. certified photovoltaic installers, operational energy managers, ERP Summer School)

What potential does your project have?

You have an idea for a project but you are not sure whether this idea can or should be implemented or whether you have the right project partners? Use Standortagentur Tirol to assess the feasibility as well as the opportunities and risks of your project and to find project partners in business, science, R&D and the public sector.

  • Confidential and independent analysis of your project idea
  • Substantiation and first briefing of vague project ideas
  • Search for and networking with potential partners in business and science
  • Elaboration of your project idea with industry and technology experts and/or selected potential partners during a coordinated brainstorming session
  • Assistance and support at the start of a cross-industry or cross-cluster project

Communication platforms

You want your company, research institute, educational establishment or interest group to be seen and your innovations be noticed? Use Standortagentur Tirol as communication platforms for your stakeholders.

  • Presentation of your company/institute at selected cluster events
  • Joint participation at trade fairs
  • Presentation of your company/institute on market testing trips
  • Presence on the Standortagentur Tirol homepage as well as the print and online cluster membership list
  • Exclusive reports in the "Standort" company newspaper
  • Involvement in media partnerships
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