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Active networks, stronger together!


Innovation turns knowledge into money. The Standortagentur Tirol clusters are professional platforms for successful innovation projects.

By collaborating with scientists, companies can push their research and development forward. The innovative strength that arises from this cooperation gives companies the decisive competitive edge and market leadership.

Companies, research institutes, education providers and interest groups in Tyrol benefit from the synergies created by the partnerships in the five Standortagentur Tirol clusters, whose key areas are Renewable Energies, IT, Life Sciences, Mechatronics and Wellness.

The cluster managers organise the communication and coordination structures between cluster members across all clusters, industries and scientific disciplines, promote partnerships, provide a stimulus to joint innovative projects, show trends and find suitable partners for joint projects. By presenting a united front, the clusters increase the visibility of the members, nationally and internationally.

Standortagentur Tirol not only promotes cooperation within the clusters, but also cooperation across all clusters, industries and scientific disciplines. This means that cluster members can exploit innovation potential even in the transition period of single technologies and areas of strength.

The cluster advisory board, made up of cluster members, supports the cluster managers in determining the strategic and operative direction of the clusters.

The clusters of Standortagentur Tirol GmbH are co-financed by the Province of Tyrol and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Group winners instead of lone fighters

Some successful ventures can only be achieved with the right team. The six clusters at Standortagentur Tirol provide networks with companies, research institutes, education providers and interest groups in the areas of economic and technological strength such as Life Sciences, Renewable Energies, Mechatronics, IT Information Technologies, Wellness & Wellbeing, kreativland.tirol and Hydrogen to give you a competitive edge.

Use the synergies of the private and public cluster partners who come together at these information and cooperation platforms to boost your competitiveness and added value as well as that of the business location of Tyrol thanks to the increased innovative strength.

The members bring their unique skills, strengths and resources to the clusters and benefit from those of the others. The clusters provide the ideal conditions to connect all of this potential, multiply the effects and make them useful and, therefore, to develop innovative ideas, products, services and processes better in an independent cooperative framework than by themselves.

>>Overview Standortagentur Tirol Clusters

For your competitive advantage

The clusters help their members increase their innovation skills and so be one step ahead of the competition.

You want to make new contacts and find partners, increase your knowledge and learn from the best, develop innovations and secure your market advantage, enter new markets and be seen? -- Standortagentur Tirol's cluster services provide you with the appropriate instruments to do all this.

Standortagentur Tirol's cluster services focus on networking between businesses and science to enable as much knowledge and technology transfer between the two as possible. The clusters aim to generate innovation with new products and services, strengthen the cluster members' business and R&D competence and to extend the knowledge and value chains in Tyrol to national cross-industry economic areas.

For this purpose, you as a cluster member can simply choose cluster services you need according to the modular principle.

>> Overview Standortagentur Tirol Cluster Services

Shape the future

By focusing on key thematic areas, the clusters aim to overcome future economic, ecological and social challenges, thereby strengthening local businesses as well as Tyrol as an attractive business location with a high quality of living.

Tyrol stands out in the global competition between markets and regions: not only is Tyrol one of the strongest tourist destinations in the world with the corresponding technological and economical competence. Tyrol has also become a pulsating technology and health region.

The connection between the business and scientific areas of strength in Tyrol in the skills triangle of technology, health and tourism holds great potential: for local businesses and research institutes as well as for Tyrol as an attractive business location with a high quality of living.

"Key Enabling Technologies" play an ever increasing role throughout the world, in Tyrol's business and science environment, too: material technologies, risk and disaster management, nano technologies, micro and nano electronics, photonics, materials, biotechnology and new forms of production are important drivers of future innovations where Tyrolean business and science have developed far-reaching skills.

Thanks to the business and scientific areas of strength in Tyrol in the skills triangle of technology, health and tourism and their skills in key enabling technologies, Tyrol has realised that future "grand challenges" (such as global climate change, scarcity of energy and natural resources, demographic changes, health, social stability, food, mobility) should not be regarded as threats but instead as economic high-growth areas where local businesses and research institutes can achieve long-term success with innovative technologies, products and services.

In order to make these high-growth markets useful for companies and research institutes in Tyrol, Standortagentur Tirol's clusters not only support their members with their cluster services, but they also set key thematic areas.

>> Overview Standortagentur Tirol Clusters Key Thematic Areas

Tyrolean innovators at a glance

The competence atlas shows all of the cluster members on a map of Tyrol with a detailed description of each business activity, specific competences and specialisations as well as the cluster they belong to. Cluster members not only gain additional visibility, but it is also an effective tool to find suitable cooperation partners.

Only cluster members can be added to the competence atlas, but anyone who wants to get an overview of the Tyrolean innovation landscape can use the competence atlas.

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