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It’s a long road from promising research results to a finished product that social insurance institutions will endorse and pay for. We offer support in setting up and developing a company, advice on questions related to product development, help finding funding and financing options and laboratory space in our Health Hubs.

Contact details for each of our consultation services can be found in the blue box below. We look forward to meeting you!


Help getting started – excellent support from the word go

If a promising project in the development phase is ready to be transitioned out of a university, but a company has not yet been founded, the Technology Transfer Centre for Life Sciences can help. The centre offers very affordable laboratory space with appropriate infrastructure for applied life sciences research, and provides advice for researchers who want to start transitioning their technology out of academia and into industry before founding a company.

Our consultants are happy to help and can put you in touch with other experts.

>>Klaus Weinberger

A company is born

The INNC programme

Startup.Tirol offers a variety of programmes that provide free help and advice for new start-ups, supporting them all the way from the idea to business model and ultimately to market entry. The first steps are supported by the INNC programme, run by InnCubator in collaboration with Startup.Tirol, in the form of workshops, access to workshop spaces and co-working spaces. Personal mentors guide you through the process and experts provide regular feedback.

>>Apply to the INNC programme

Boost.Up! programme

The Boost.Up! programme takes you closer to market entry with individual advice from a Startup.Tirol coach, external consultants and regular workshops. It also includes active integration into the Tyrolean start-up ecosystem.

>>Apply to the Boost.Up! programme (site in German only)

Our consultants are happy to help and can also put you in touch with other experts.

>>Lisa Spöck

How do I protect my idea?

Property disputes are lengthy and expensive. It is therefore important to carefully consider the following:

  • Is our idea really new?
  • If so, should we protect it?
  • With a patent, trademark or design?
  • When are licences useful?

Our experts are the right people to talk to about these and other property rights issues, and can also put you in touch with other specialists.

>>Klaus Weinberger

Funding required – who can help?

Finding the right funding is not something that should be left to chance. We can advise on public funding programmes for individual projects and cooperations at regional, national and European level. We also offer our own funding programme (Health Hub funding programme) for research-intensive and high-risk projects in the Tyrolean life sciences sector. In addition, we can facilitate contact with an international life sciences fund and are network partners in EIT Health Austria, part of Europe's largest expert network for innovation and entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector.

Our staff can help you find the right funding pot and can also put you in touch with other experts.

>> Rudolf Stoffner ((contact for Health Hub funding and K-Regio)
>> Christina Lercher (contact for EU funding, EIT Health)
>> Klaus Weinberger (contact search for investors)

Navigating the approval jungle

Companies in the life sciences sector have to overcome further hurdles in addition to establishing a company structure if they want to market their product in the primary healthcare market.

  • How do I get approval for my product?
  • When do I have to plan for quality management?
  • Do I have to conduct a clinical study?
  • How does my product get reimbursed by social insurance institutions?
  • Why do I have to monitor the market?

Cluster Life Sciences Tirol has many years of expertise, especially in the area of Medical Device Regulation.

Our consultants help you navigate this topic and can put you in touch with other experts.

>>Klaus Weinberger
>>Roland Fuchs (contact MDR)

A home for founders

Health Hub Tirol GmbH advises and promotes newly founded and resident companies in the fields of life sciences, medical technology, e-health, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. A special feature: Health Hub Tirol gives its companies a real home.

Services include

  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Meeting rooms
  • Workshops
  • Common areas

This creates a lively ecosystem in which new entrepreneurs, established life science companies and investors can engage in productive exchange.

Our consultants are happy to help and can also put you in touch with other experts.

>>Klaus Weinberger

New in Tyrol? Welcome!

A new location, a new network, maybe even a different legal situation... relocating a company is a big project. We offer free advice and tailor-made support for companies and employees, in order to make your new start as easy as possible. We can provide contact details for external experts, coordinate appointments, provide support in dealings with the authorities and break down language barriers. Students who graduate in Tyrol are also particularly close to our hearts. We provide support to help them further a career here.

Our staff will help you find the right contact person and can also put you in touch with other experts.

>> Christian Märk

Dr. Klaus Weinberger

Dr. Klaus Weinberger
Health Hub Tirol GmbH

t +43 676 904 2117

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