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Life Sciences Location Tyrol

Tyrol has big goals for the life sciences sector by 2030

Tyrol is a prominent location within the life sciences industry. Thanks to successful companies and outstanding universities, the sector delivers a high research output, over 11,000 jobs and an industry turnover of almost 3 billion euros. The Life Sciences Location Tyrol programme by Lebensraum Tirol Holding aims to continue this development and position Tyrol as a leading European life sciences region by 2030.

To this end, and after a detailed analysis of the situation, we have implemented a series of measures in the areas of applied research, support from idea to product and promotion of the business location.


Life Sciences Location Tyrol
Applied research

Tyrol is an internationally recognised research location in the life sciences and biomedical technology sector. We want to give new impetus to the challenge "From Bench to Bedside".

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From idea to product

We are expanding technology transfer in the life sciences sector through the creation of a suitable infrastructure and vibrant ecosystem. Comprehensive support is provided for start-ups and other research and development projects.

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Tyrol as a business location

The Tyrolean life sciences scene is thriving, growth-oriented and high-revenue. Partners from industry and science work together to develop this growing innovation engine. The location is further strengthened through targeted investments.

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