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Technology and innovation

Customised funding provided by the state of Tyrol.

State programmes

With a priority of funding innovation and the K-Regio programme provided by the state of Tyrol, customised funding is available for companies, R&D institutes and universities in Tyrol.

The funding programmes tailored towards the structure of the Tyrolean economy support research, technological and innovation projects with great efficiency. Tyrolean state funding focuses on cooperation between businesses and scientific institutes. This connects regional expertise and uses synergies effectively.

The objective of the Tyrolean Innovation Fund is to encourage innovation and technology development within Tyrol’s SME-based economy. The individual goals are as follows:

  • Sustainable growth by strengthening the innovative powers and competitive position of Tyrolean businesses
  • Targeted steering of innovation processes to enable the region’s companies to develop a strategic innovation culture
  • Improved knowledge and technology transfer between Tyrol’s mainly small and medium-size enterprises, educational and scientific establishments, and other R&D institutions
  • Cooperative ventures involving companies – especially SMEs – and the scientific community
  • Increased participation of Tyrolean companies in national and European funding programmes
  • The use of (cooperative) innovation funding as a regional development tool for closer networking between the periphery and the centre

In order to have a practical system for innovation projects, these funding guidelines reflect typical innovation and development processes in the following three main cases:

  • Initiative projects
  • Research, development and innovation projects, in single-company or cooperative form
  • Parallel measures for the promotion of innovation management (innovation assistant)

Our service includes:

  • assessing the funding eligibility of your project
  • helping you choose the appropriate funding programme for your project
  • helping you with your grant application and economic planning
  • establishing contact with experts at the Tyrolean universities and non-university research institutes
  • establishing contact with business partners

The funding programme team at Standortagentur Tirol is here to help you!

DI (FH) Johannes Penz

DI (FH) Johannes Penz
Standortagentur Tirol

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t +43 512 576262 290

Alina Laimgruber

Alina Laimgruber
Standortagentur Tirol

m +43 676 843 101 225
t +43 512 576262 225

DI Rudolf Stoffner, PhD

DI Rudolf Stoffner, PhD
research funding
Standortagentur Tirol

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t +43 512 576262 241

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