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Tyrol has many faces - and great potential

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Towns, municipalities and regions have a great number of resources and great potential.

The aim is to increase them: for the population, for the businesses at the location, for a higher quality of life and a prosperous future for all parties concerned. Changing age structures, new living and mobility needs, therefore higher demands on space and infrastructure as well as diverging interests and needs have to be considered. To develop a regional location successfully, therefore, requires a clear vision of the future and a realistic strategy to implement it.

But what is the right way? Which factors have to be considered, which instruments can be applied and how? How can the future of a town, a municipality, a whole region be planned and structured with as much support as possible?

We support towns, municipalities and regions in Tyrol on their road to success: together we can combine local knowledge with the expertise at Standortagentur Tirol Management GmbH and its parent company, Standortagentur Tirol. We are then able to propose integrated strategies, development perspectives and recommendations. The results serve as a basis and initiator for concrete courses of action, projects and investments. The range of services not only include analyses of the location, areas and vacant premises, but also help with extensive location development processes as well as with implementing defined measures and projects.



Create a successful future today - with the services provided by Standortagentur Tirol Management GmbH.

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Mag. Anja Obererlacher
regional location development & community consulting
m +43 676 843 101 212
t +43 512 576262 212

Sinfonia Innsbruck - Low Carbon Cities for Better Living

Sinfonia Innsbruck - Low Carbon Cities for Better Living

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Mag. Julia Scharting, PhD
regional location development
m +43(0)676 843 101 277
t +43(0)512 576262 277

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