New services and quality in Alpine health tourism
The Alpine region with its many natural resources and health-related potential makes it an ideal destination for health-related tourism. Spa tourism has already started to tap into this potential. By expanding spa tourism and classic tourism concepts with new services, which can be combined with existing potential in medicine and health science, more unique selling points in tourism and complementary industries are created. Standortagentur Tirol, therefore, actively encourages its cluster members to keep this in mind when developing products and services or gaining qualifications.

Innovations in the secondary healthcare market, new value chains
The secondary (privately financed) healthcare market is growing strongly. Most of the businesses in this market are one-person businesses and micro-entities. To give them a boost and to help them become market leaders, the Standortagentur Tirol clusters assist them with their business strategy, research and development, cooperative business models, deploying modern technologies and setting up new value chains by providing information and specialist events, funding advice and project management as well as by identifying possible opinion leaders in complementary industries.

Improving spa facilities
Nowadays it would be difficult to imagine tourism offers without spa facilities. The requirements of products and services for commercial spa facilities are complex (dealing with heating rooms, cold chambers, humidity and wet conditions all at the same time, ventilation and energy-saving solutions, high expectations of guests). Regarding themes such as the use of new materials, energy efficiency, demographic changes, increasing health awareness and quality standards, research partners in the clusters at Standortagentur Tirol are working on increasing the effects of spa facilities, decreasing operating costs and making them more accessible for people with physical restrictions.

Medical tourism and health tourism applications
Thanks to the high level of competence in tourism and excellent health infrastructure, Tyrol provides great opportunities in connecting health, medicine and tourism more strongly with each other and in creating new products, services and business models as well as new forms of added value and innovations. This explains why cluster members are also working on increasing the health and medical tourism potential for Tyrol by paying particular attention to private health facilities, both the Life Sciences and Wellness clusters are cooperating to establish a showcase project for health/medical tourism, product developments are being supported based on the strengths of the cluster partners and integrating the participating clusters into international networks and partnerships in health/medical tourism in order to learn from and with other regions.

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