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The creative economy is one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors of the economy. Networking the creative companies within this sector and with other sectors is the main task of the kreativland.tirol cluster, which has the common goal of seeking growth and a market advantage.

In Tyrol, close to 8% of all companies (3,300 companies in total) are currently part of the local creative industry, and the 9,500 employees generate each year around one billion Euro in revenue and a gross added value of 478 million Euro. For established industries, the creative economy has become an important driver of innovation, especially when it comes to digitisation.

The kreativland.tirol cluster is supporting creative industries with a tailor-made service offering so that they can cooperate and grow even more professionally with one another and with other sectors. In addition, the kreativland.tirol cluster is working on further developing the Kreativland Tirol idea through projects and initiatives as well as increasing its presence both within the region and beyond.

The driving forces behind the kreativland.tirol cluster are the state of Tyrol, Lebensraum Tirol Holding, the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce, the advertising and communication specialist group in the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce and Standortagentur Tirol.

The creative industries typically include architecture, design, advertising, the film industry, music business, book and publishing businesses, radio & TV, software, games and the art market.

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The clusters of Standortagentur Tirol GmbH are co-financed by the Province of Tyrol and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).       


The clusters support their members by increasing their ability to innovate and therefore staying one step ahead of the competition.

Do you want to make contacts and find partners, increase your knowledge and learn from the best, develop innovations and secure your market lead, open up new markets and become visible? With the services of the clusters of Standortagentur Tirol, you have the ideal tools at your disposal.

The focus of the services of the clusters of the Standortagentur Tirol is on networking business and science in order to enable the broadest possible transfer of knowledge and technology. The aim of the cluster concept is to generate innovation in the form of new products and services, to strengthen the entrepreneurial and R&D competence of the cluster members and to expand the knowledge and value chains in Tyrol to cross-industry and cross-regional areas.

As a cluster member, you can freely select the services you need according to a modular principle.

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The advisory board is a consultative body that advises on the strategic and content-related direction. It brings expertise to the focus, reflection and further development of the project and is staffed with selected personalities from the fields of creative industries, culture and science. The composition of the advisory board is designed to represent the various areas of the creative industries.

The current advisory board of the kreativland.tirol cluster consists of the following members (in alphabetical order):

Andrea Achrainer
Verein Netzwerk Handwerk

Irene Ascher
Ascher Foto Design KG

Mag. Oliver Irschitz
Oliver Irschitz

Tom Jank
Tom Jank Network

Mag. Christian Lunger
motasdesign (Lunger & Scheiber OG)

Julian Mautner
Stillalive Studios GmbH

Arno Ritter
AUT.architektur und tirol


Creative business coaching for you and your network!

C hoch 3 - Creative Community Coaching

What you can expect:
For many years, creative business coaching has sought to encourage the exchange between creative professionals throughout Austria and drive their economic empowerment - through new collaborations and know-how for their respective business models.

Combining forces for corporate development is essential right now. The pandemic has raised all kinds of new business questions for creatives that can be answered with coaching.

At C hoch 3 there is room to rethink business models and to let ideas flow into new offerings.

For you and your questions about the future!

- How will my company become more resilient for the future?
- What new business models and offerings can I use to respond to the changed needs of my customers?
- What strategies can I use to gain access to international markets at the moment? -> What changes are needed in processes or positioning for a restart?
- You can work on questions like these in creative business coaching.

For you and your success!

Six workshops from January to June 2021

In the current C hoch 3 programme, six one-day workshops were held along with some meetings in small groups. The principle of peer learning was used as the participants' know-how was shared and experiences were exchanged on an equal footing.

Next round: Application phase autumn 2022, start of workshops spring 2023

You will become part of an Austria-wide network!

At the end of the coaching you will be part of the Austria-wide C hoch 3 network, which currently has 1,000 creatives that will open further opportunities for cooperation and exchanges for you. Regardless of whether this is in formats specially organised by Kreativwirtschaft Austria for the community or in online exchanges in the members-only Facebook group.

C hoch 3 is financed with funding within the framework of the creative economy strategy for Austria by the BMDW, WKÖ, KAT and partner organisations.

A strong network lives on its active members.

The kreativland.tirol cluster also benefits from the commitment of numerous entrepreneurs and people from interest groups and service institutions. You can find an overview of our supporters on www.kreativland.tirol.


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