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Cluster IT Tirol

Information and communication technology is quite simply one of the growth industries of the last decades.

It is vital for the development of the global economy. An unusual feature of this industry is its technological cross-departmental function for all business areas.

In addition, numerous companies focus on developing products for niche markets – with international success.

112* highly innovative companies, institutions and universities employing more than 2,200 people use the IT Cluster Tyrol for their projects. They work in various fields of technology, including:

  • Software development
  • Data processing
  • Advice
  • Services and training
  • Communication
  • Software and hardware sales

*incl. members who participate in more than one Tyrolean cluster.

All of the members in the cluster network can be found in the competence atlas, along with their details and contact information.

The clusters of Standortagentur Tirol GmbH are co-financed by the Province of Tyrol and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 


Open Data and Geodata
Open data means that certain data - mainly public - should be freely available to everyone to use as they wish. The potential benefits to the economy can be found especially in the areas of health, traffic, energy and environmental protection, but also in gaining transparency and inspiring civic participation. Being a partner in the "Geodateninfrastruktur Standort Tirol" (Geodata infrastructure location of Tyrol) project, Standortagentur Tirol together with its cluster members is working on technical, legal and organisational foundations to make public administrative data regarding geodata useful: new business models using OGD should inspire cross-industry cooperation and help increase the wealth of data. New products and services should strengthen Tyrol as a service location as well as create jobs and added value. Privacy and data protection are integral features of Open Government Data. These principles should be coordinated and implemented in accordance with applicable law, technological possibilities and organisational procedures. The cluster members and partners have the competence to check regularly and as required that data is being handled correctly.

Interconnected systems and Smart Production
What primarily affects the manufacturing industry today, is also going to affect all industries in the future: Industry 4.0 and its methods are also going to play a role in enterprise systems, smart cities, smart energy solutions, mobility, telemedicine and medicine technology, digital construction as well as in tourism, snow technologies and snow management. This is why the Standortagentur Tirol clusters offer their members advice relevant to these issues on appropriate funding, assess basic and advanced training and develop them if necessary, expand and deepen cooperation at a national and international level and where possible contribute to building a virtual demonstration factory. The aim is to extend the reach of Tyrolean companies in industry, energy or transportation for devices with an Internet connection.

Smart City - Smart Energy
Urbanisation, demographic changes and climate change, mobility, energy and environmental issues pose major challenges for growing towns of the future as well as the regions they are located in. The competitiveness of regions will be increasingly determined in towns. A smart city combines social and technical innovations intelligently in order to create towns as long-term attractive business locations with a high quality of living. In terms of energy, our services have to become more efficient, energy supply has to be prepared for a post-fossil era and our societies for a "zero/low carbon society". The goal is to become more energy-efficient and have more renewable energies in the energy mix. The intelligent interlinking of energy supply, distribution (grids), storage and consumption is an attempt to develop and implement sustainable and smart energy systems. Based on, and in addition to "Sinfonia", the cluster members are provided with support to develop and implement new cross-industry solutions for buildings, mobility, infrastructure, the supply, distribution and storage of energy in urban environments as well as the necessary planning tools and business models: expertise from the Renewable Energies, IT, Mechatronics and Life Sciences clusters as well as the key area of Industry 4.0 ("Internet of Things") in the IT and Mechatronics clusters as well as the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Smart Energy Solutions initiatives enable holistic concepts and new solutions.

Medical Technology Initiative
Tyrol is regarded as a strong business and scientific location for medical technology when compared on a national level. In order to further strengthen this position, Standortagentur Tirol and its clusters actively support cross-industry cooperation between its cluster members, especially in the areas of IT, mechatronics and material science (smart living, AAL – Ambient Assisted Living, Big Data, data security, software as a medical product, Industry 4.0, biomaterial). This increases the visibility of Tyrolean medical technology in Austria and abroad, strengthens the regional network (especially between companies and research institutes), extends the qualification programmes for manufacturers and suppliers and develops the regional competences in biomaterial into an important interface to Life Sciences.

The clusters help their members increase their innovation skills and so be one step ahead of the competition.

You want to make new contacts and find partners, increase your knowledge and learn from the best, develop innovations and secure your market advantage, enter new markets and be seen? Standortagentur Tirol's cluster services provide you with the appropriate instruments to do all this.

Standortagentur Tirol's cluster services focus on networking between businesses and science to enable as much knowledge and technology transfer between the two as possible. The clusters aim to generate innovation with new products and services, strengthen the cluster members' business and R&D competence and to extend the knowledge and value chains in Tyrol to national cross-industry economic areas.

For this purpose, you as a cluster member can simply choose cluster services you need according to the modular principle.

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Business Roaming Agreement

Internationalisation - your free access to international infrastructures

The IT Cluster Tyrol has been a partner of the "Business Roaming Agreement (BRA)" since October 2013 and can, therefore, provide its cluster members with the free use of infrastructures and support in more than 60 different locations throughout the world. The BRA is coordinated by our Swedish partner Cluster55°.

What is the Business Roaming Agreement, "BRA"?
All participating partner organisations (clusters) promise to provide infrastructure (e.g. office premises, establishing personal contact) and appropriate local assistance to members of other partner organisations for a certain amount of time (max. 5 days) free of charge. find out more

What's in it for you?
You have a lot of contact with international business partners and always have to travel to various towns in Europe for meetings? Then use this free additional service! This exclusive service is available to all members in the IT Cluster Tyrol in the participating countries in order to enable or facilitate business relations abroad.

How can I use this additional service?
You are going to e.g. Karlsruhe in Germany for two days and need an office for a meeting? Then please contact our local BRA partner per email or by phone. The BRA partner will take care of everything locally. You can find all of the partners and locations here.

What does this service cost?
All offers are free for members of the IT Cluster Tyrol at all participating partner organisations for the agreed period of time.

Link: Business Roaming Agreement


The Advisory Board of the IT Cluster Tyrol:

The strategy for coordinating cooperation, development and expansion projects carried out by the IT Cluster Tyrol is regularly discussed with the cluster's advisory board. It is made up of practitioners and researchers from various fields in the network.

In alphabetical order

Florian Falkner
General Solutions Steiner

Hansjörg Haller
InfPro IT Solutions

Peter Mirski
Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

Markus Reitshammer
Re–Systems IT Systemhaus

Günther Specht
Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Informatik

Thomas Stotter 
Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG (IKB)



The partners of the IT Cluster Tyrol:

The partners of the IT Cluster Tyrol:

The following organisations and associations work closely with the IT Cluster Tyrol and its members (in alphabetical order):

 Consulting and IT Professional Association, the Austrian Economic Chamber

Gartner Group Austria GmbH

ICT Burgenland

IT Cluster Upper Austria

ITCS - IT Community Styria

SIC - Software Internet Cluster (Carinthia)

Vienna Business Agency

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Cluster brochure IT Tyrol
Facts and figures on the IT Cluster Tyrol (German + English)

Mag. Franz Unterluggauer, MSc

Mag. Franz Unterluggauer, MSc
Cluster Information Technologies Tirol
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