Business Roaming Agreement

Internationalisation - your free access to international infrastructures

The IT Cluster Tyrol has been a partner of the "Business Roaming Agreement (BRA)" since October 2013 and can, therefore, provide its cluster members with the free use of infrastructures and support in more than 60 different locations throughout the world. The BRA is coordinated by our Swedish partner Cluster55°.

What is the Business Roaming Agreement, "BRA"?
All participating partner organisations (clusters) promise to provide infrastructure (e.g. office premises, establishing personal contact) and appropriate local assistance to members of other partner organisations for a certain amount of time (max. 5 days) free of charge. find out more

What's in it for you?
You have a lot of contact with international business partners and always have to travel to various towns in Europe for meetings? Then use this free additional service! This exclusive service is available to all members in the IT Cluster Tyrol in the participating countries in order to enable or facilitate business relations abroad.

How can I use this additional service?
You are going to e.g. Karlsruhe in Germany for two days and need an office for a meeting? Then please contact our local BRA partner per email or by phone. The BRA partner will take care of everything locally. You can find all of the partners and locations here.

What does this service cost?
All offers are free for members of the IT Cluster Tyrol at all participating partner organisations for the agreed period of time.

Link: Business Roaming Agreement


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