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Are you living in Tyrol or planning to relocate to the heart of the Alps? Would you like to enjoy a flourishing career along with a perfect work-life balance? Well, you’ve found your destination. Tyrol is perfect for anyone into adrenaline, culture, a healthy lifestyle, family, nature, or just some peace and quiet.  

Live and work at a place with the ultimate work-life blend.  


Tyrol’s 9 districts (alphabetical order)

Tyrol is Austria's third-largest federal state with a total area of 12,640 km² and a population of 771,361 people (2023). Nestled in the western part of Austria, it shares borders with Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Tyrol boasts an array of impressive mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, lakes, and rivers across nine districts. With a well-developed public transportation system and an airport offering national and international flights, Tyrol is easily accessible. The local culture is known for its strong connection to traditions and customs, as well as a its hospitality. 


Imst is located approximately 50 km west of Innsbruck, situated in the Upper Inn Valley. It is easily accessible thanks to its excellent connection to the A12 motorway and several arterial roads.
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Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, lies in the western part of the state. The city of Innsbruck is an actual district and includes the following neighbourhoods: Amras, Arzl, Hötting, Igls, Innsbruck, Mühlau, Pradl, Vill, and Wilten. Located at an elevation of 574 m, Innsbruck covers an area of 104.90 km² with approximately 130,385 inhabitants.
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Innsbruck Land
Innsbruck Land is the district encompassing the 63 municipalities around Innsbruck. It stretches across both the Inn Valley and the surrounding mountains and valleys.
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Kitzbühel is situated approximately 100 km east of Innsbruck. The town lies in the Kitzbühel Basin and is surrounded by the majestic Kitzbühel Alps.
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Kufstein is situated in the northeastern part of Tyrol, approximately 100 km east of Innsbruck and just a few kilometres from the German border. The city hosts the beautiful Kufstein Fortress and is located on the banks of the Inn River.
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Landeck is located about 75 km west of Innsbruck in the Upper Inn Valley and is approximately 85 km from Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.
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Lienz (Osttirol)
Lienz is in the southeast of the country, about 150 km from Innsbruck and around 80 km from Bolzano in Italy. Its location at the foot of the Dolomites provides an impressive backdrop.
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Reutte (Außerfern)
Reutte is situated in the far west of Tyrol, approximately 100 km from Innsbruck and about 40 km southwest of Füssen in Germany.
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Schwaz is located about 30 km east of Innsbruck and approximately 15 km northwest of Jenbach. The district is between Kufstein and Innsbruck and is surrounded by the Karwendel and Rofan Mountain ranges.
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How to relocate to Tyrol

Welcome to Tyrol! Let us help you settle in. 
Standortagentur Tirol is the first stop for global talent relocating from abroad. Our Welcome Service Tirol offers a professional onboarding experience for all skilled professionals, scientists, and researchers moving to Tyrol. Below, you’ll find some general information. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. For legal regulations, please always double-check if they apply to your individual case. 

Studies & first job 
Planning to study and work in Tyrol? Here is a link to all the essential information for working alongside your studies in Austria. Pease note that different regulations may apply depending on your nationality. 
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Tyrol’s housing market is known for its very high standard of living. 
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Tyrol has an exceptionally high standard when it comes to healthcare services.  
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Tyrol’s well developed transportation infrastructure allows you to reach your destination easily and quickly. 
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Explore Tyrol’s diversity

Ready to unwind or power up? City life or peace & quiet? 
Here are some ideas for exploring Tyrol. 
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Why global talent goes Tyrolean.

A host of job opportunities in various industries is just one reason why global talent relocates to Tyrol. The other motivator is Tyrol’s quality of life and breathtaking scenery. Tyrol’s abundance of mountains, lakes and picturesque landscapes attracts people looking for a perfect work-life blend as well as a secure and stable environment. Expats also enjoy the multicultural atmosphere here. 

Moving to Tyrol 
(success stories) 

The Futterkutter Success 
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Passionate About Music 
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From Costa Rica to Organic Farming 
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Experience Tyrolean culture

Dirndl or DJ. Upscale gala or low-key village event. Imperial heritage or laid-back local customs. What is Tyrolean culture? One thing is certain: Opposites attract, and Tyrol offers quite the blend – which often results in something uniquely wonderful. Here are some ideas for events, interviews, and stories on Tyrolean art, culture, and cuisine. 
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Find an event that suits your style.

International sports and cultural events, competitions, and acts for everyone: Tyrol’s event schedule features event highlights in most any category. 
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Welcome to Tyrol

Welcome to Tyrol

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