How to relocate to Tyrol

Welcome to Tyrol! Let us help you settle in. 
Standortagentur Tirol is the first stop for global talent relocating from abroad. Our Welcome Service Tirol offers a professional onboarding experience for all skilled professionals, scientists, and researchers moving to Tyrol. Below, you’ll find some general information. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. For legal regulations, please always double-check if they apply to your individual case. 

Studies & first job 
Planning to study and work in Tyrol? Here is a link to all the essential information for working alongside your studies in Austria. Pease note that different regulations may apply depending on your nationality. 
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Tyrol’s housing market is known for its very high standard of living. 
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Tyrol has an exceptionally high standard when it comes to healthcare services.  
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Tyrol’s well developed transportation infrastructure allows you to reach your destination easily and quickly. 
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