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Regional location development

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Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH has an integrative approach when working with towns, municipalities and regions. The town, municipality or region with all their networks and potential, both in the immediate vicinity and further afield, takes centre stage, is seen as a whole, as a living organism.

We use our expertise in the areas of business and technology, creative industries and culture, social innovations, energy and mobility as well as in cooperation and governance matters. When required, the parent company, Standortagentur Tirol, can provide its competences and networks in the shape of cluster and funding experts as well as experts in location marketing.

We develop sustainable locations in Tyrol and beyond together, we increase their global competitiveness and explore new avenues to meet the challenges of the future.

Our strengths:

  • Service-oriented: the wishes and desires of the towns, municipalities and regions have priority.
  • Independent: thanks to its business model, Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH is not dependent on follow-up projects.
  • Neutral: we take a neutral look at the status quo "from the outside" and develop sustainable solutions based on our findings.
  • Integrated: for the best results possible, architects, geographers, lawyers, economists and room planners are on hand as needed.
  • Versatile: thanks to the organisational proximity to Standortagentur Tirol, we can also use their competences and networks.
  • Individual: the versatility of the methods used are tailored to the situation and specific needs – instead of tarring everything with the same brush.
Regional development

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