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Focus on the goals

Work as one and shape the future together today.


We provide towns, municipalities and regions with the knowledge they need to make their mark in the region in keeping with the overall strategy of the Tyrol brand and the business and science location of Tyrol.

Municipalities, districts and regions want to be attractive for their residents, companies and guests and be able to compete with other locations. We help you activate internal regional potential, strengthen the living environment and business location, and therefore make it more attractive for companies to settle there and stay by

  • supporting lighthouse projects make their mark in the region and location
  • supporting regional and municipal innovation systems
  • carrying out analyses of the location in order to uncover strengths and potential
  • proposing recommendations to make a name for the location
  • operating a location database of all of Tyrol for real-time queries on available premises

contributing to making land management more professional

A look from the outside for new approaches

As a neutral observer, Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH takes an unbiased look at the strengths and improvable potential of a location and shows ways to develop and use them efficiently. Experts also help break down trends and developments at a regional level and use them as driving forces of the future. Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH provides support in

  • networking with players in politics, administration, businesses, science and the public
  • actively increasing local awareness of relevant future issues
  • making local knowledge useable and developing regional innovation systems
  • applying analysis instruments tailored to the special features of each location in order to identify actual challenges and develop suitable solutions

Identify your strenghts and develop them

The "check" establishes and assesses the main strengths of a town, municipality or region and gives an overview of the strengths and potential. Furthermore, individual property and areas can be evaluated according to relevant criteria and appropriate uses shown.

Establish needs, identify opportunities

The aim of the analysis is to establish the current and target state of a town, municipality or region: where is it today, which unique features make it stand out, what kind of resources and options does it have, what challenges is it facing, where does it want to be in the future, which themes are going to play a role in the future? To get the answers to these questions, Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH provides

  • detailed location analyses (economy, demography, social, traffic/mobility, energy, environment, land management, specialists, ...)
  • talks with local stakeholders in order to identify their wishes, needs and opportunities
  • and based on this, identify possible future fields of action

Actions speak louder than words

Based on the results of the analysis, concrete recommendations and concepts for pre-determined themes and therefore, for subsequent investments, are shown. They serve as a plannung and decision-making tool, an initiator for innovations, for civic participation and for gaining an advantage in the global location competition. And the decision-makers can see, which goals can be achieved in which way with which partners, which costs would arise and what funding is possible.
Our methods include:

  • ideas workshop
  • interviews
  • workshops
  • outline planning concepts and create possible scenarios

Channel interests and pool strengths

Sustainable changes need knowledge pools as well as broad approval from all parties involved. It is, therefore, essential to coordinate development and change. Alpine Technologien Tirol - ATT GmbH gathers ideas and discusses them, it organises and enables civic participation, creates dialogue platforms and organises participation processes. Contemporary methods are used such as online platforms, Art of Hosting elements and a results-driven exchange of stakeholders' opinions.

Here you will find information, facts and figures relevant and useful to you on the business and science location of Tyrol

Folder "Regionale Standortentwicklung"
Version: German / pdf: 2.9 MB (March 2015)

Folder "Tyrol - Business Location"
Version: English / pdf: 3 MB (Nov. 2013)

Folder "Tyrol - a powerful land"
Version: English / pdf: 3 MB (Nov. 2013)

Folder "Technologieförderung des Landes Tirol"                                 
Version: German / pdf: 648 KB                                         

Prospetto "Incentivazione allo sviluppo technologico della Regione Tirolo"
Version: Italian / pdf: 549 KB

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